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We provide you with all the training, support and knowledge needed to start and operate your own mini earthmoving business...
A machinery hire franchise that can add additional income to you household all while give you back your time.
In just a few clicks you will learn everything you need to know to understand if Diggermate is right for you and your family.
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 Unlimited Earning Potential
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Full Training Provided...
No experience, no problem. We will teach you everything you will need to know. From how to drive the machines to hiring them out. It is all covered in our comprehensive training program.
Internal Rental with Diggermate...
Rent machines from us as you need them, without the requirement of getting additional finance. Saving you time and money by going through a complex bank application process. 
She'll Be Right - Growth Strategy...
Access machines on a 3 or 6 month trial to determine if its going to work for you. If it doesn't work you can just give them back. Grow your business with confidence by testing which combinations of machines work for you in your territory.
First Week Fever - Starter Pack...
Everything you need to start and operate your business is provided Diggermate provides you with tools, machine consumables, technology, marketing launch and even uniforms. Everything is included and you will be looking schmick from day one.
A full Marketing Team...
Get the phone ringing and keep it ringing. Diggermate provides you with a marketing team to launch your business. Your business will be promoted on Google, Social Media, E-mail, SMS, just as a start. You don't have to be a marketing expert, the Diggermate marketing team will get the phone ringing and keep it ringing.
Low Entry Cost...
 You will receive the full Diggermate business platform and everything needed to start your business for one low entry fee. Included advanced technology to run your entire business from your phone basically anywhere with phone reception.
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