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Discover what you need to know about Setting Up and Running a profitable Diggermate business...
Diggermate is fast becoming the national leader, in the dry and wet hire of limited access earth moving equipment, to all types of customers. These include DIYers, Tradies, Builders, Landscapers and many others. Our hire fleet consists of;
  • Mini & Micro Excavators
  • Mini Bobcats, Mini Loaders & Dingos
  • Tipper Trucks, Excavator Attachments & More
Our franchisees make money by hiring these machines out to their customers within their Diggermate territory.

As a Diggermate franchisee your machines are hired and picked up by your customers, from your home driveway or yard or you deliver them directly to the worksite. All machines are on trailers, so they are easy to move around with a 4WD. Once your machines are collected by your customers, that is just about it for the day until your customers start dropping them off again later that afternoon. Too easy…
Why Mick started the business?
"When I started this business I was just looking to make a little extra income for my family. Little did I know at the time that there was going to be such a strong need for this type of business. I guess my marketing background in the action sports industry, and the brand I built, which is fun and inviting hit a nerve with our customers. Now I want Diggermate to be the most recognised tight access earthmoving brand in Australia, and we are well on our way now. Hopefully, you like what you see and decide to get inviolved".  Cheers Mick...

Why Diggermate could be right for you…

Diggermate is perfect for anyone looking to make a little extra income, or even a business that can eventually replace your current income. You don’t need experience, or knowledge on how to operate earth moving equipment, we will teach you everything you need to know.
You will need to be able to help your customers pick up their machine in morning (pickups are completed between 6:30 and 7am each day) and facilitate their drop off later that afternoon. As an indication of a time commitment to run this business and depending on how many machines you are running in your fleet; all this can be done in about an hour a day. Yep just an hour a day.

  • Easy family friendly hours. Get your work done in as little as an hour a day
  • Easily run as a husband and wife team.
  • Easily hand off your hires in the morning before going to work. 
  • ​You don’t always have to be onsite for drop offs and returns. Adding more flexibility.
  • ​Full paperless business system, that can be done on your iPad or phone, from almost anywhere.
  • ​ Can be easily run as a home-based business. 
  • ​ Branding that everyone remembers.
Diggermate truly is a business that you run your way. If your goal is to generate a little additional income, you can run your Diggermate business as a side hustle. Alternatively, if you’re looking to replace your current income and eventually build a full-time business, Diggermate can do that for you as well. It really is up to you.
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What sets Diggermate apart from its competitors - big and small… 

Well to put it into a nutshell, we out-market our competitors to get more leads, and make it easier for our customer to book with us.
No worries mate…

Digital Marketing Experts

Diggermate has a fulltime team of digital marketing experts. They understand digital platforms like Google, Social Media, YouTube and other digital advertising platforms and how to make them work for us.

Territory Growth Strategies

Extensive local territory marketing strategies, for our franchisees to deploy within their local area to drive customer loyalty. Just pull out the Diggermate playbook and see dozens of marketing ideas you can use in your local area to drive more business.

Paperless Business System

Paperless office for our franchisees where they can run their business from their phone or iPad. No need for a home office, a kitchen table will do.

Time Saving Technology

State of the art technology that allows our customers to book 24/7 via their phone or laptop.

A Recognisable Brand

A strong brand that is instantly recognised by our customers, putting them at ease when hiring machines from us. 

A Jingle

A jingle that sticks in your head and gives our franchisees an instant item to talk about when discussing their new business. “Hey, have you heard our jingle?” 
Essentially, Diggermate is a marketing and technology company. Sure, most people see the end result of us hiring out limited access earthmoving equipment, but what we do best is drive leads for customers back to our franchisees and make it as simple as possible for our customers to hire from us using their phone or laptop.

How do you make money and get customers?

Our main purpose is to drive leads for limited access earthmoving services back to our franchisees who then convert those leads into customers. Essentially Diggermate is a marketing company. We spend most of our time working hard getting more customers to hire machines from our franchisees. Franchisees then make money by hiring out their Fleet of machines for as many days as possible, and that is how you make money in this business.

Depending on your goals you can more or less chose how many leads you want to receive to meet your income goals or needs. The Diggermate digital marketing team will then set up the marketing programs and drive those leads back to you for you to complete the hire transaction. Pretty simple really.
Franchisee are also encouraged to build brand recognition within their own local territory. Diggermate has extensive local territory marketing programs that can be deployed by franchisees locally. The Diggermate brand is instantly recognised and the more work a franchisee does in their local area, the better their business is going to be, and the more revenue your business will make.
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Training and support…

When you join the Diggermate team you will receive the following training and support programs plus more...
  • 7 day initial training program where we teach you how to use the Diggermate systems.
  • ​24/7 Support desk and knowledge base for you to access answers to your questions.
  • ​Business growth and planning support so you can set and then achieve your business goals
  • ​Annual conference on the Gold Coast
  • ​Diggermate online social group where you can discuss business and questions with your fellow Diggermate franchisees.
  • ​Field support with a Diggermate experienced operator. She has been there and done that, so will be able to help with almost any issue that pops up. 
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Want To Know More?
Mick Watkins
Founder of Diggermate
P.S. : Diggermate is more than a business now, it's a community that works together to help everyone grow. So while I'm proud of what we provide to our franchisees I must also acknowledge the group of hard-working successful business owners in our group who work together to help everyone succeed.
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